Hi, I'm Bríd. Welcome to my blog about learning to live my life free from alcohol.

It's been just over two and a half years since I last drank alcohol (as of Dec 2017). I decided to write this blog to try and help others who may be experiencing problems as a result of their drinking but don't necessarily fit the "alcoholic" stereotype that our society is familiar with. 

When I quit drinking, as a young Irish woman and mother, I struggled to find a place where I felt that I fit in. I was far from the park bench drunk.Alcohol was causing problems for me and had been for a number of years but I was psychologically rather than physically dependent. Aside from the fact that I was continuously drinking more than I wanted to my life was going great. I pretty much had it all - a husband, a new baby, our own home, my own business, a great social life etc. 

I had tried, unsuccessfully, to moderate my drinking for years. When I finally surrendered to the fact that I couldn't continue to drink I turned to the internet and was very lucky to find a fantastic online community of people I could relate to. I also discovered some brilliant resources that have helped me and I will be using this blog to share those resources with others. 

I would love to see Ireland do for alcohol dependency what has been done for mental health in recent years, to start having honest conversations about what's really going on with our drinking and break down the stigma around it. There is nothing shameful about becoming dependent on an additive substance, especially one that is so highly regarded in this country. 

I would also love to help build an online sobriety and recovery community in Ireland with the possibility of also meeting in real life. If you'd be interested in joining the community (something which you can do anonymously) please contact me.

I hope you find my blog posts and resource links helpful.